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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 18, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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even gabby giffords' astronaut husband, mark kelly, was set to fly in the reno race, but are they too dangerous? hostile work environment. a bombshell book makes new allegations against the obama white house including this one, that it's a boys club hostile to women. this morning, is the white house trying to change the subject by floating a new tax on millionaires? sex tapes. a major international leader caught on tape boasting about his sexual exploits. eight women a night? possibly prostitutes? he even complains that meetings with the pope were interfering with his partying. and making the band. three anchors, two weeks to learn a song and play it live on broadway. this morning, the world premiere of our broadway debut. did we rock it, or did we bomb? ♪ under pressure
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it is a nervous morning here on the set of "good morning america." let's take a look at these pictures. these are pictures of bianna, ron and i practicing a song by journey that we're going to be playing live on broadway. we think the show went well. we're not going to show you the show yet because, to be honest, our producers haven't let us see it yet, so we're a little nervous, as i said. >> that night was all a big blur to me. i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. i don't remember much. but we're going to find out later in the show. but also this morning, police in aruba will do some role playing tomorrow to try to solve the mystery of a missing american woman, the man robyn gardner went to aruba with who is the only suspect in the case says she drowned while they were snorkeling. so police will re-enact what he claims happened to put his story to the test. we'll have that report. that should be interesting. also this morning -- another kennedy family tragedy. ted kennedy's only daughter, kara, collapsed and died suddenly at the gym. she was only 51 years old and a
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mother of two. another blow for this family that has endured so much. but we are going to start this morning with that horrific crash in reno. they call air racing the fastest sport. it's like nascar in the sky. but it is also clearly very dangerous. take a look at this picture, it shows the plane just before it hit the ground, an incredible shot. it shattered into pieces when it hit the ground. abc's david wright is on the scene once again this morning asking the question, is the thrill of this sport worth the risk? david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the death toll from this tragedy has now risen to nine. seven killed on the tarmac and two in area hospitals. the federal investigation into why this happened started immediately. three ntsb investigators were actually here on the scene and they actually witnessed the crash. after the shock and pandemonium of the crash, now comes the search for answers.
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>> of course, you don't think in terms of it's going to happen to you. >> reporter: these are our first real glimpses of the crash site. the p-51 mustang was traveling so fast when it crashed, the fuselage simply shattered. >> there was nothing that showed it was an airplane. it was just a big black mess on the ground. >> reporter: the ntsb investigators say they may not have a flight data recorder but invaluable in this case are the human numerous photos and personal personal video accounts from spectators. >> that will be a huge help to us. >> reporter: in fact, the photos appeared to back up eyewitness accounts that pieces of the p-51's tail started falling off. >> we have three investigators on the ground who not only witnessed the accident but basically initiated the investigation immediately afterwards. >> reporter: the tragedy in reno was another near-miss for commander mark kelly, husband of arizona congresswoman gabby giffords, who was shot in the head earlier this year in tucson. kelly was scheduled to fly a p-51 similar to the one that
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crashed, though he was not racing. apparently, he did not witness the crash. for those who did, the image is forever burned in their memories. >> i have a perfect video vignette of the airplane as it's going up, coming over, coming down, very thin, knife edge of wing coming right at us. >> reporter: among the dead, a 22-year-old phoenix man with muscular dystrophy. he was watching the race from his wheelchair with his father who suffered minor injuries. and we're told that this initial phase of the investigation is going to wrap up in a couple of days. but the final report could take six to nine months. they'll be looking at the plane, the pilot and the environment and also, bianna, at the overall safety of air shows. bianna? >> such a tragedy. david, thank you. well, the horrific crash in reno and another deadly one a day later are raising concerns about the safety of air shows and air races. abc's diana alvear has been
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looking into that part of the story in reno. >> reporter: bianna, good morning. with two crashes happening within hours of each other, questions are being raised about safety, especially in regards to the spectators. what makes these events so exciting is also what makes them dangerous. two pilots dead just a day apart. that horrible crash here in reno with 74-year-old jimmy leeward at the controls. and then there was this in west virginia just hours later, another air show crash, the pilot was killed. fortunately, no spectators were. the two incidents cast a spotlight on an event that counts close proximity to the action as its most appealing aspect. no barriers, just open skies, a front row seat to what's billed as the fastest motorsport in the world. so far this year four pilots have been killed, but until friday, there hasn't been a
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spectator killed at an air show or air race since the 1950s because of specific precautions. >> so you could have safety procedures that are in place where they actually carried out correctly in this circumstance. we'll be looking at that. >> reporter: there are definite distinctions between air races and air shows. at shows, fans sit parallel to the action. the planes are kept a significant distance away from the fans. compare that to races where plane planes hurtle around pylons at speeds up to 500 miles an hour, spectators watching from all sides, sitting in an oval. many of these planes are modified to make them go faster and faster. >> they're among the risks and to the nth degree and are we pushing the pilots as far as they're being pushed in these races. >> reporter: fans and pilots of air races say they're well aware of the risk they take. they say it's no different from nascar, for example, where on
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several occasions, crashes have sent debris in the stands. pilot fred telling says skill and experience in the cockpit are key to keeping these races safe. >> i mean air racing by and large is safer than driving on the long island expressway in the summertime. >> reporter: many of leeward's friends tell me he would have wanted these air races to go on, but they say this tragedy must be thoroughly investigated to make sure it never happens again. dan? >> diane alvear wrapping up our coverage of the disaster in reno this morning. thank you. and now to politics. abc news has learned that tomorrow president obama is going to propose a new, higher tax rate for millionaires. he's calling it the buffett rule after billionaire investor warren buffett, who has said the rich should pay higher taxes, but this morning, the question, is this all an attempt to change the subject from the president's dropping poll numbers, as well as a potentially damaging new book that's just come out, abc's david kerley is at the white house with more on that. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the timing of the release of this book is not good. low poll numbers for the
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president, high unemployment rate, and now accusations that the white house is a hostile place for women. the white house is fighting back and women who used to work here are also fighting back and even a fellow journalist is criticizing this book. president obama's white house was rudderless according to ron suskind's new book "confidence men," and he claims it was not a pleasant place for women. quote, this place would be in court for a hostile workplace is how former communications director anita dunn is quoted. christine romer reported excluded from a meeting by then economic adviser larry summers is quoted as saying, i felt like a piece of meat. but both women told "the washington post" the author got it wrong. dunn says she told suskind point blank that the white house was not a hostile environment. and romer on feeling like a piece of meat said, i can't imagine that i ever said that, i felt respected, included and useful to the team. but earlier in the administration, as the president
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played golf and basketball with only men, many did see that as a sign of the white house was a boys club. >> i've got to say, i think this is bunk. >> reporter: when asked if the white house is or ever was a hostile work environment, a woman staffer told abc news, quote, it is not my experience. if it had been, i wouldn't have been here as long as i have been. even journalist jonathan alter who first wrote about many of these same stories and events believes that suskind's account is "exaggerated." >> david, what is the white house plan to refute this book? >> reporter: well, you know, the media blitz really starts tomorrow on the release of the book which actually comes out in stores on tuesday, and you're already seeing it, dan. these women have come out front, the ones who worked in the white house and the white house hopes their comments refuting what suskind says in the book will dampen its release and its impact on the president. but as i mentioned earlier, it comes at a difficult time as he is trying to gear up his re-election campaign.
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>> david kerley at the white house, thank you. for more on this, let's go straight to abc's christiane amanpour, the host of "this week with christiane amanpour." good morning you. >> good morning, dan. >> great to have you on as always. let me ask you again about this millionaire tax that we talked about before. is there a sense in washington that this is a good way for the white house to change the subject away from this potentially damaging book and as a weapon to use against republicans? >> well, look, i'm not sure about that. they're also calling it the buffett rule sort of informally. and there has been a lot of talk about this for a long, long time. both president obama and indeed former president clinton have said that it's not fair that the rate favors us over our assistants who pay a relatively higher tax rate. so they're trying to come up with something that is more fair. whether or not it passes muster on capitol hill, that's a different issue. >> you have president clinton on the broadcast this morning. what does he say about the issue confronting so many americans right now, job creation? >> well, indeed, and his mantra right now is jobs, jobs, jobs.
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like everyone, his own clinton global initiative, which we're going to be talking about, has had a special session a few months ago precisely about jobs. and he does have a lot of ideas. many of those ideas involve jobs in the energy sector. he points to what his own clinton global initiative people did on the empire state building. in new york. in other words, retrofitting, not just that but many, many other places around the country to provide people with jobs and actually also bring down energy costs and many other issues, as well. so we're going to ask him, what's possible factually and what's possible politically? >> the number one issue in america right now. christiane amanpour, we're looking forward to your show this morning. be sure to join christiane on abc's "this week" when her guests will include, as we just mentioned, former president bill clinton. bianna, over to you. now to another sad note for the kennedy family, they're gathering in mourning once again today. this time for kara, the beloved only daughter of senator ted kennedy.
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she died suddenly while at the gym at just the age of 51 years old. here's abc's t.j. winick. [ applause ] >> reporter: she bore that famous last name. still kara kennedy lived her life outside the spotlight. as much as any kennedy could. friday night that life ended at just 51 years old when kara suffered a heart attack after working out at this gym in northwest washington, d.c. she's with dad, brother and former congressman patrick kennedy told the associated press. kara was a mother of two teenagers, grace and max. she was known for her fighting spirit having overcome inoperable lung cancer in 2002. five years later, her mother told "the boston globe," kara was cancer-free and running five miles a day. >> last summer she was in the best health that i can remember. >> reporter: even so, the cancer treatment took quite a toll on her and weakened her physically, patrick said. her heart gave out. she's just the latest kennedy to
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die young in an extended family that has suffered immeasurable loss. >> and it is a very unlucky family in a lot of ways. of course, we pay a lot more attention to them because it's such a prominent family. >> reporter: uncles robert and jfk were assassinated. cousin david, just 28 when he died of a drug overdose. cousin michael, 39 years old when killed in a skiing accident. and, of course, cousin john junior, only 38 when the small plane he was piloting crashed into the atlantic. >> people assume when you come from a family like that with a lot of wealth and a lot of privilege, that your life is charmed, and it's not. >> reporter: of course, kara was not the only member of her immediately familiar to battle cancer. her father ted died of a ma anything nantz brain tumor. her brother did beat leg cancer although he lost a leg to it and funeral arrangements for kara kennedy right now are still being organizing. >> a sad story. t.j., thank you. we appreciate it. >> you bet. now, let's check on the other headlines this morning.
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for that we turn over to the facts man. >> that's right. >> ron claiborne. >> good morning to you, bianna, and dan, t.j., good morning, everybody. we begin with the two american hikers who have been jailed in iran for more than two years now. now a new roadblock is delaying their path to freedom. abc's jim sciutto is covering the tense waiting game. good morning, jim. >> reporter: ron, good morning. enormous frustration this morning for the american hikers, their families and the host of foreign mediators trying to negotiate their release here from in iraq, a religious delegation from the u.s. the hikers' lawyer just told us, the second judge needed to sign their release orders is on vacation until tuesday. so now we know that the president of iran, mahmoud ahmadinejad, he wants this release. the foreign ministry on record saying they support it. even the judiciary who opposed it initially say they want this now just awaiting that second judge. and what you're getting here is a window inside iranian
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politics. clearly president ahmadinejad wanted this to happen, this grand gesture before he travels to new york tomorrow for the u.n. general assembly. it does not look like that is going to happen now, another frustrating delay for these americans, josh fattal and shane bauer, after 26 months in prison. ron? ing >> all right, jim sciutto reporting from oman. in libya, fierce fighting continues between the rebels and forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. the rebels are struggling to take the last two gadhafi strongholds in sirte. the rebels retreated yesterday under heavy gun fighting and shelling from loyalist units. for the first time more people died from drug-related deaths and traffic fatalities in the united states, according to the centers for disease control. in 2009, drugs killed more than 3,700 people nationwide, double what it would have been just ten years ago. overdoses of prescription medicines are being blamed for the surge in fatalities. and eleanor mondale, the daughter of former vice president walter mondale and herself a broadcast journalist has died at her home
7:16 am
in minnesota. she was just 51 years old. mondale died on saturday after a two-year battle with brain cancer. and finally, this story will bring a tear to your eye. peter glazebook of newark or new wark, england, has a great love of gardening. for 25 years he tried to grow the largest onion but always fell short. how is that for an ambition? finally success on friday. at the autumn flower show, he chopped the competition in half with a 17 pound, 15 1/2 ounce beauty. and he said, i feel so proud. look at him, holding it like a little baby. now, what do you do with it? >> what is that music? >> it's a lullaby. >> it was a lullaby. >> "the look of love." >> "the look of love." it was a look of love he was giving it. >> another '80's song. not journey, though. >> "don't stop." >> don't stop believing in onions. all right, brian moynihan from our ann affiliate wftv, good morning to
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you. >> dan, bianna, ron, good morning. they're going to be rehearsing that song a little bit later. this morning, your sunday starting with some showers from texas back up toward oklahoma, missouri, also parts of kansas pretty wet. and as we go through the day today, some of that heavier rain is going to be pushing up through kansas city, des moines, also chicago, you'll be getting wet later on today. could be some stronger storms as well across parts of oklahoma and texas. out across the northwest, no stronger weather, no severe weather but kind of a fall-like storm moving into seattle, portland. dry and nice into southern california.
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>> dan, bianna, still cool in the northe >> dan, bianna, still cool in the northeast. new york city in the 60s today. we're also going to talk about the tropics coming up in the next half hour. over to you. >> very cool in the northeast. brian, thanks, always great to have you. now to what's most definitely the most bizarre story of the morning. >> that's right. we've been talking about this all morning. the flamboyant and controversial leader, italian prime minister silvio berlusconi is making headlines once again. of course, he's been embroiled in sex scandals before. but this time there are tapes detailing his voracious appetite for women and partying. abc's jeffery kofman has the story. >> reporter: just how much more scandalous can this sexual obsession of italy's prime minister get? apparently a lot more. just released a wiretap transcript of a conversation between silvio berlusconi and a man accused of procuring prostitutes for him. last night i had a queue
7:19 am
outside the door of the bedroom says bers sconely. there were 11 but i could not do any more. berlusconi is 74. his sexual appetite has already landed him in italian court. he's accused of paying an underaged moroccan prostitute for sex at one of his notorious bunga bunga parties. [ speaking italian ] >> reporter: that scandal broke and italians were remarkably not scandalized. >> most italian men like the idea of men has fewer wrinkles and more hair and more girls. >> reporter: but the newly leaked wiretaps mark a new low for the philandering millionaire prime minister who's heard boasting that he's only a prime minister in my spare time. and he complains that meetings with the pope and world leaders are interfering with his sex life. after a romp with a group of women, he adds, listen, all of the beds are full here, this lot won't go home, even at gunpoint. in a letter to an italian newspaper, berlusconi lashes back at these latest revelations.
7:20 am
"my private life is not a crime." italy's courts may have a different view of that question. jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. >> that's one of the pieces where you really have nothing to say coming out of it, right? all right, coming up on "good morning america," aruba re-enactment. police go back to the beach to re-create the alleged drowning of a missing american woman. will the main suspect's alibi hold water? >> plus on a much lighter note, ready to rock, or are we? three anchors, two weeks, one big challenge. can we learn a song and perform live it on broadway? the thrilling/terrifying finale coming up. and taking the plunge. where is this wedding taking place? can you tell? we'll give you all the thrilling details coming up as part of our "fixation." of our fixation. if you think occasional irregularity is no big deal,
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producers have not let us seen any of the actual performance. so we're going to give you a very quick, two-second sneak peek. here it is. ♪ don't stop >> that's it. that's all we're giving you. we'll show you the whole thing coming up. >> and don't worry at home, folks, i did eventually stop. whether you enjoy it or not, it ends. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is sunday, september 18th. also, coming up this morning, can you teach 13 dogs a new trick? look at that i love it. this is just one of the many absurd and wonderful topics we'll be touching on this morning in a segment we call "fixation." >> did you see the one with blue ears? so cute. but we're going to begin in aruba this morning, where police are preparing to set up their investigation in the disappearance of robyn gardner. they're getting ready to stage a
7:31 am
re-enactment of what happened the day she went missing. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: tomorrow "gma" has learned aruban authorities will return to this isolated beach where robyn gardner was last seen. the first reconstruction of the alleged crime, more than six weeks after gardner disappeared. >> the whole key of re-enactments is to try and go back and, first of all, understand and be clear about the movements of people prior to a criminal act occurring. >> reporter: "gma" has learned that at least two eyewitnesses are set to participate as investigators are trying to retrace giordano's and gardner's exact movements on that day. but the one person who likely knows exactly what happened on august 2nd, gary giordano, won't be there. according to multiple sources in aruba, giordano was asked to cooperate but has refused. giordano has claimed all along that a strong current pulled gardner out to sea while they were snorkeling. >> it may give them a better understanding, and it may also -- of the crime, and it may also give them a better view of inconsistencies in his story.
7:32 am
>> reporter: giordano seen in this surveillance video traveled with gardner to aruba on july 31st. three days later, they drove their rented white toyota rav4 to this beachside restaurant where a server who snapped these pictures told investigators that his behavior seemed suspicious. about two hours later gerri appears on security cameras banging on the doors of the closed restaurant trying to get help. giordano has insisted he's innocent. still, he's been beefing up his defense team, even retaining jose baez who spearheaded casey anthony's acquittal in the murder trial of her daughter caylee in july. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news. >> high-powered defense attorney. let's check the rest of the morning's headlines with ron claiborne. >> good morning again, comrades, dan and bianna, good morning, everyone. in the news, the death toll from friday's air race crash in reno, nevada, is now nine. with 69 other people injured,
7:33 am
the national transportation safety board is studying videos of the crash to see if mechanical error was to blame for the plane's rapid plunge into the grandstand. venezuela's president hugo chavez has returned for a fourth round of chemotherapy for cancer. chavez supporters turned out as he left for the airport accompanied by the bolivian president morales. a new study makes a distinction between senior moments and the possible onset of alzheimer's disease. according to "the journal of american geriatric society," minor forgetfulness such as misplaying your keys is not necessarily an early sign of alzheimer's but trouble remembering, for example, what happened a few minutes ago may be a sign of more serious mental decline. finally, linus' great fear may be becoming a reality in this country this year. farmers say that the northeast may be in for a great pumpkin shortage, how about that, bianna. hurricane irene destroyed hundred of pumpkin patches across the region. disturbing news here. they're buying them from other
7:34 am
places, which probably means higher pumpkin prices this halloween. >> oh, no. >> we can't catch a break. >> more bad news. time now for weather and perhaps some good weather, brian moynahan from our orlando affiliate wftv, brian, take it away. >> ron, bianna, dan, good morning. good morning to all of you. finally some rain across texas. but what they could do without is the severe weather. had some strong storms in texas. also north of oklahoma city. this video from our affiliate in oklahoma city, koco, can you see that tornado there right at the center of your screen. northeast of oklahoma city seeing the strong storms yesterday and another round of some stronger storms possible today from texas back to oklahoma. rain spreading up into minneapolis and chicago later on today. into the northeast, another beautiful day. kind of an autumn-like day. as temperatures climb to 67, new york city, some showers to the south down across florida. orlando at 90 degrees today. and out in the tropics, it's been quiet. really first quiet stretch in about a month but we're tracking
7:35 am
>> your >> and your forecast this morning has been brought to you by the u.s. postal service. dan, bianna? >> thank you, sir. are you nervous? >> let's just play it. >> okay. coming up on "good morning america," our moment in the spotlight. can three anchors with just two weeks of rehearsal wow a live broadway audience? the answer after the break. and letting sleeping dogs lie. a story guaranteed to make you go -- >> ah! >> it's one of the things we're fixated on this week. >> that's very cute. we're fixated on this week. >> that's very cute. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, though. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate.
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7:39 am
for a long time for her singing, which she is not shy about. there she is in the car ride we took a while ago. so then we decided let's form a band. i play the drums. ron plays a little bit of sax. what could go wrong? >> what could go wrong is that our producers upped the ante by suggesting we perform live on broadway. we did it. check it out. it was a ridiculous challenge. two weeks to form our band, learn a new song and then perform live on a broadway stage in front of hundreds. two weeks. >> and based on our early practice sessions, we would need more like than two months. dan was clearly the most practiced, already a seasoned drummer. >> but i still needed some serious help. >> close. >> ron, however, was much more of a, shall we say, work in progress. he had told us that he played sax in college. >> turns out he had only played once or twice. >> but the real pressure was on bianna, our lead vocalist.
7:40 am
>> the hit broadway musical "rock of ages" had invited us to use their stage, and we chose one of their songs, "don't stop believin'" by journey. it turns out, it was a lot harder than i thought. ♪ hold on to that feelin' >> i kind of got my butt kicked today. >> we practiced separately. >> then rehearsed together. >> that did not go well. >> so we practiced some more. >> we were seriously worried that we might have to cancel the show because we just wouldn't be ready. but ready or not, broadway was calling. >> our big night was upon us. >> i'm ready. i'm as ready as i'm going to be. i think it's going to be -- >> hey. >> i'm so nervous. >> i'm a little nervous, sure. we may not have been nervous then, but as we stood in the wings waiting to go on, we watched the real performers from "rock of ages" bring down the house.
7:41 am
>> we'd have to follow them? a crowd of 550 that they had worked into a frenzy was now waiting for us. >> they're clapping. that's a good sign. ♪ just a small town girl livin' in a lonely world ♪ ♪ she took the midnight train goin' anywhere ♪ ♪ just a city boy born and raised in south detroit ♪ ♪ he took the midnight train goin' anywhere ♪ >> how did this turn into a solo performance? >> i was just thinking the same thing. ♪ a singer in a smoky room the smell of wine and cheaper fume ♪ ♪ for a smile they can share the night ♪ ♪ it goes on and on and on and
7:42 am
on ♪ >> lead sax when your lead singer is on fire. ♪ strangers waiting up and down the boulevard ♪ ♪ their shadows searching in the night ♪ >> exhilarating. ♪ streetlights people living just to find emotion ♪ >> it was thrilling. ♪ hiding somewhere in the night ♪ >> we all got a little carried away. ♪ ♪ don't stop believin' hold on to that feelin' streetlight
7:43 am
people oh oh oh ♪ ♪ don't stop [ cheers and applause ] >> she knocked them dead, man. she killed. she killed. she really did. >> that's what happens when you have zero expectations. >> a star is born tonight. >> give it up for them. >> oh, man. >> i can't remember that. >> i don't remember any of that. >> it did go by in like a dream. didn't it? >> it did. >> what was up with my hand waving the whole time? i don't remember doing that at all. >> can i just say, i know i sound like a broken record, i got to hide in a soundproof room where they hide the drums. you got to hide behind sun glasses. and this one had to go out and sing by herself in front of a crowd of strangers, 550 people. i just have to say, that takes an enormous mix of courage and cahones, can i say that on
7:44 am
television, and congratulations to you. >> you know what, in all seriousness, this woman has the heart of a champion. she went out there and did it. >> yeah. >> you delivered. you delivered. >> keep it coming. >> that's it. >> well, it was an amazing night. you killed it on the sax. you, of course, were amazing on the drums. >> thank you. >> i don't think we're a bad team. >> we're not. >> coming up -- >> world tour. >> we're going on to a world tour. stay tuned for that. and now from stupid human tricks to stupid pet tricks, take a look at this video. dogs jumping rope, we'll explain after the break. ♪ ♪ who do you want me to be [ male announcer ] your eye doctor can't always be there
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well, this morning we're back with "fixation" where we show you story, images and video that caught our attention this week. and we just had to share. ron, you're up first. >> you know, i've probably been to 400, 500, 600 baseball games. i have never caught a foul ball. i want you to check out this video. this is a guy -- i envy this guy. he is -- see this line drive here by ian kinsler of the texas rankers? this dude is on a cell phone, stays on the cell phone and catches the ball and keeps talking. and lip-readers >> he continues talking. >> look at this. lip readers say that he said, yeah, i just caught the ball. >> could he be any more nonchalant? >> yeah, how about that? >> that's a cool guy. >> not smiling. no reaction. just goes on. >> holds the ball up like no big deal. >> like it happens to him all the time. >> meantime, like i said, i go to the ballpark with the glove and no luck at all after all these years. this is some very cool video. we're going to go to seattle, we have -- you know, relationships they kind of have their ups and their downs.
7:49 am
this is a different take on that. check out this. >> i'm proud to now pronounce you man and wife. you may kiss the bride. >> they're getting married? >> on a roller coaster. >> but we generally don't think about saying i do -- >> i think it's a pretty good metaphor, frankly. >> and, look, they're not holding on to the railing, right? they're holding on to each other. >> i think they're holding on to both. >> what do you got, bianna? >> i have something from our friends at the guinness book of world records. this comes from via japan, 13 jumping dogs from the circus. take a look at what they can do. set the record for the most dogs skipping the same rope. they love skipping apparently according to their owners and they're flexible and good at jumping as you can tell. >> i watched the promotional video for this. here's the thing i noticed. first of all, they're incapable of irony. one of the reasons why i love japan. she talked about this like it's a totally serious thing.
7:50 am
by the way, that dog there with the blue ears, his name is mayonnaise. >> i love it. >> that's the new record. >> that's the new record. >> what's the old record? >> i don't know. so here's my complaint. this is a small complaint but i feel like on "fixation" we're doing too many cute things. we've got to do something with a little edge, so i found a series of photos on the internet. let me just show you the first one. check it out. there's some edge. >> america, you may find this image disturbing. >> viewers at home -- >> these are pictures of dogs taking naps. take a look at the next one. this is my favorite one. what happened to that one? >> tranquilized. >> and the singing. >> and here's the coup de grace, the next picture, wait for it. wait for it. it's coming. and it's not coming. i guess we don't have it. there it is. there it is. they're so cute. i just want to eat them. >> america is saying ah!
7:51 am
>> these pictures are on the internet for all to enjoy. hope you enjoyed them. if there's a story, video or picture you can't get enough of, send it to us here at or sweet us at "gma" and maybe we'll use it. >> that was edgy, dan. >> very edgy. ♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ ♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ ♪ are you ready for your big party today ? ( baby giggles ) ( family cheering in background )
7:52 am
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that does it for the that's going to do it for the broadcast this sunday. we're always online at christiane will have "this week" in a little bit. and later today david muir with "world news," and we're going to leave you with the dulcet tones of one bianna golodryga. enjoy. ♪ just a small town girl, living in a lonely world ♪ in a lonely world ♪ in a lonely world ♪ ri
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this week -- advice from the original comback kid. on fixing a country in crisis. and a presidency in peril. we ask bill clinton on what it will take to get the white house back on track.


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